Mason-Dixon Line Western Crossings

From Ned eastward to Brown's Hill

Wolf Run Road:

Turkey Hill Road:

Brown's Run Road:

Rock Camp Road:

Plantz Hill Road:

Route 18:

  • Heading toward West Virginia -- here, Pa. Route 18 becomes W.Va. Route 69. This rural area is just south of Garrison, Pa. and north of Hundred, W.Va. (added Dec. 2004).
Hardy Farm Lane:

Gilmore Cemetery area:

  • This road skirts The Line to the east of Garrison, Pa. (added Dec. 2004). It is difficult to tell exactly where The Line is, but it probably runs down the road. I'll try a GPS reading at some point to pin it down, but rest assured, The Line is some in this shot!
Renner Creek Road:

  • The same road as the one in the Gilmore Cemetery photo. Here, it leaves West Virginia heading west towards Garrison, Pa. (added Dec. 2004).
Hagan's Creek Road:

  • Again, the same road as the two previous shots. Here, we're entering the Keystone State primarily heading east. (added Dec. 2004).

Hero crossing:

Pumpkin Run Road:

  • A hard-to-find crossing I updated with the help of W.Va. resident Larry Thomas on this rural road near Jollytown, Pa. The Line is just beyond the sign on the left but before the house. Looking south. (updated 18 Oct. 2004).

Shamrock crossing (west of Brave):

The "Brave Loop":

  • Looking east along Dunkard Creek toward Brave, Pa. This road "loops" briefly from the Shamrock area into West Virginia then back into Pennsylvania (added June 2004).
  • Looking west into Pa. and the Shamrock area (added June 2004).


  • The main road between Brave, Pa., and the Blacksville, W.Va. area (added June 2004).

Wright's Run:

Rudolph Run Road:

  • Looking north on placid Rudolph Run Road. (added June 2004). This is one of my favorite crossings. It's simply peaceful and beautiful.
  • Approaching West Virginia on Rudolph Run Road. This road will take you to the "world-famous" Dunkard Creek and W.Va. Route 7. (added June 2004).

Hacklebender Run Road:

Black's Run Road:

Thanks to my new friend Earl "Wayne" Lemley who helped me find The Line here! He owns the property to the east of the road.

Henflint Road:

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