Mason-Dixon Line Western Crossings

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Welcome to the West Virginia Panhandle!

If the Mason-Dixon Line was extended to the Ohio River, it would run along the border of Marshall and Wetzel counties in West Virginia. Though no Mason and Dixon-related surveying was done beyond Pennsylvania's southwest corner, there are some who still call this the "Mason-Dixon Line" because of the Missouri Compromise of 1820 which refers to a division between free and slave states.

So late in 2006, Colleen Nelson and I undertook an expedition to the place where this line meets the Ohio River.

Thanks to Tom James for being our terrific guide!

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The last crossings (near Ned, Pa.)
Near the real end of The Line
From Ned to U.S. 19 and I-79
Near Mount Morris, Pa., and Morgantown
Brown's Hill
(Mason and Dixon's westernmost site)
The Dunkard Creek crossings
(where Mason and Dixon were stopped)
From U.S. 19 and I-79 eastward
To Chestnut Ridge
Lake Lynn Dam
It forms Cheat Lake
West of The Line
If it was extended west to the Ohio River
Easternmost Western Crossings
Random crossings east of Chestnut Ridge
The Tripoint
Where W.Va., Md. and Pa. meet
The Transpeninsular Line
Delaware's southern border
Delaware's southwest corner
Another end of The Line
Mason-Dixon markers I've visited
Some are out of the way
Coming soon

Coming soon

To come: The Ellicott Line
Along Pa.'s western border
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