State, federal and interstate highways that cross the Mason-Dixon Line

(highways listed west to east)

This list does not include the Maryland-Delaware border, which technically is part of the Mason-Dixon survey.

To see photos of most of the Mason-Dixon Line highway crossings, see Adam Prince's Pennsylvania State Road Ends or Brian Polidoro's Maryland State Ends Project and search for the routes listed below.

Pa. 18 and W.Va. 69 -- (closest highway crossing to The Cornerstone)

Pa. 218 and W.Va. 218

U.S. 19

Interstate 79

U.S. 119

Pa. 857

Pa. 381

Pa. 281 and W.Va. 26 (closest crossing to the Tri-Point of Md., W.Va. and Pa.)

Md. 42

U.S. 40 (the National Road)

Pa. 669 and Md. 669

U.S. 219

Md. 546

Pa. 160 and Md. 47

Pa. 96 and Md. 35

U.S. 220

Pa. 326

Pa. 26

Interstate 70

Pa. 655

Pa. 928

Md. 615

Pa. 456

Pa. 75 and Md. 494

Pa. 416

Pa. 163 and Md. 63

Interstate 81

U.S. 11

Pa. 316 and Md. 60

Pa. 997 and Md. 64

Pa. 16 and Md. 140

U.S. 15

Business U.S. 15

Pa. 134

Pa. 194 and Md. 194

Pa. 97 and Md. 97

Pa. 94 and Md. 30

Pa. 516 and Md. 86

Md. 45

Interstate 83

Pa. 24 and Md. 23

Md. 24

Pa. 74 and Md. 165

Md. 623

U.S. 222

U.S. 1

Pa. 272 and Md. 272

Pa. 841 and Md. 213

Pa. 896 (closest highway to The Arc)

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The last crossings (near Ned, Pa.)
Near the real end of The Line
From Ned to U.S. 19 and I-79
Near Mount Morris, Pa., and Morgantown
Brown's Hill
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The Dunkard Creek crossings
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From U.S. 19 and I-79 eastward
To Chestnut Ridge
Lake Lynn Dam
It forms Cheat Lake
West of The Line
If it was extended west to the Ohio River
Easternmost Western Crossings
Random crossings east of Chestnut Ridge
The Tripoint
Where W.Va., Md. and Pa. meet
The Transpeninsular Line
Delaware's southern border
Delaware's southwest corner
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